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Thank you for from the bottom of our hearts!

Your ongoing support helps our 12 Families of Habitat as they work to build their new homes.

Introducing our 12 Families of Habitat

  1. "Thank you Habitat for Humanity for helping my family live with human dignity at a moment when all other doors are closed. Your program is a true testament that God is alive and He answers prayers!"
  2. Edna Pompilus - Habitat Partner Family
  3. "My daughter and I sleep in the basement of my Mother's house. My daughter also sleeps in the same bed with me because there is not enough room..."
  4. Detoia Graves - Habitat Partner Family
  5. "We live in an apartment where the back door is located in my bedroom and I chose not to use because it leads directly to outside. My ceiling is cracking and separating from the foundation which makes it unsafe. The apartment building has mold and my son has asthma."
  6. Daveshira Hood - Habitat Partner Family
  7. "We are living in an older home which is in need of many repairs, from flooding, mold, unsecured fixtures and doors, exposed wires and furnace, infestation of insects; these are just some of the issues of my current living situation."
    Andrea DeVost - Habitat Partner Family
  8. “My current housing is a single bedroom in someone else’s home. My daughter sleeps in the living room at her father’s house and my son sleeps with his father. When my children come to stay with me, we all share a bed and a room.”
    Maria Acosta - Habitat Partner Family
  9. “Currently, I live with my sister and her husband in their home in Waukegan. My pet cat and I are, for the most part, confined to one bedroom in the home. My 92 year old mother occupies space in the den area. In a nutshell, the walls are closing in on us.”
    Talipha Charles - Habiatat Partner Family
  10. “I look forward to the change in our lives and working toward our future.”
    Cynthia Dicke - Habitat Partner Family
  11. “I am currently renting a room in a basement. My daughter would like to live with me but I don’t have any space for her.”
    Berto Hernandez - Habitat Partner Family
  12. “God has blessed me with a family, Habitat has blessed my family with a home."
    Hector Lagunas - Habitat Partner Family
  13. “Being a homeowner is my biggest dream come true.”
    Sarina Lewis - Habitat Partner Family
  14. “I'm grateful, there's no doubt, but the gratitude is hard to put into words. It is something I feel and you can see in it my eyes as it streams from my heart. Thank you Habitat for being soldiers of God! Thank you for believing we are worthy of this blessing! ”
    Carrie Panos - Habitat Partner Family
  15. “The apartment where my family resides needs major improvements. There is no power in the dining room for over a year. When I plug anything into the wall, it sparks and the fuse box sparks. The enclosed front porch is drenched when it rains. After numerous complaints, I am still waiting for the landlord to address these unsafe issues.”
    Dana Sebree - Habitat Partner Family

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Habitat for Humanity Lake County
Building Homes. Building Community. Building Hope.
Vision - A world where everyone has a decent place to live
Mission - Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity Lake County brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts!  You made Christmas, for our Partner Families, very merry!

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Building Homes.
Building Community.
Building Hope.

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